About me & this site

On this page you will find information about me and my work as a multimedia designer. Under learnings I will show some examples of newly acquired skills.

If you’re curious about what I have done until now, have a look under Projects.

My name is Lif Kaas Neergaard, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I’m studying Multimedia design & Communication at CphBusiness Academy in Lyngby, Denmark.

I Graduate June 2017.

My journey up to this point has by far followed a straight line, but I learned so much on my way.

First I dreamed of being an artist, more specific – a sculptor. During High school I got preoccupied and found an interest in math and chemistry. After Graduation June 2008, I was confused and didn’t know which road to take. So, I worked for a couple of years..

The different positions gave me various expertise e.g. communication, project management, Group work, etc. Have a look at my CV if you are curious.

I finally remembered my love for creating something and just being creative. That’s why I started Web-integration where I learned to create websites from scratch, using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, JQuery, PHP, MySQL.

Follow my site to see my future adventures.